Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Happy 2015!!

Hello long time no hear from me I know, I have finally got a new laptop, my last one was on the blink for nearly 2 years and it was impossible to do my blog, but I couldn't bring myself to get a new one, I am really excited to start it up again, I am going to start by aiming for 2 days a week for now.  My first post will be a fitness post tomorrow which will include a haul, my fave workout videos and what I want to achieve and also my new beauty discoveries of 2014!  If any has any requests please comment below. :)

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Empties #1

Superdrug Dry Shampoo Floating On A Breeze 
This was only ok I wouldn't buy again.  I have since found much better dry shampoos.
£1.99 usually buy 1 get 1 free alot Link (This one doesn't seem to be available anymore)

Oilatium Natural Repair Face Cream
This was really good I would definitely repurchase it I have combination skin and this was perfect really nice and hyrdrating and not greasy at all I bought this after seeing Nic from Pixwoo use it.
€10.99 Link

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h Shade 01
This is one of my faves perfect shade on me Its medium coverage but buildable, blends like a dream looks flawless and stays on all day I haven't worn it for 24 hours but I have worn it more than 12 and it has stayed on which is a big thing for me. I have already purchased another one.
€36.00 Link

Umberto Gianni Morning After Dry Shampoo
Another ok dry shampoo I prob wouldn't buy this again as I have found much better this was nothing special.
€7.49 Link

V05 High Volume Hairspray
This was a really good hairspray I haven't got round to buying this again as I have others to use up first this gives you great hold and its not sticky or doesn't make your hair hard at all.
€3.99 Link

No 7 Soft and Soothed Toner
I love this toner its just a nice gentle toner I always buy this when the No 7 vouchers are around, they are actually around at the moment, however they changed the packaging about a year ago its a twist off top and you pour it out where as before it used to be a pump which was easier to use.
€10.50  or €4.00 with voucher Link

Lancome Galatée Confort (Dry Skin)
This was a lovely cleansing milk left my skin so soft and it smelt really nice but it is really expensive I might purchase again but not anytime soon trying to find cheaper options.  But if you feel like a treat I would def recommend this.
€26.00 Link

Lancome Génifique
This is sample of the Genifique Serum this is so good really smooths out and hydrates your skin its more for mature skin which i am not at that stage yet but I guess prevention can start before it happens. This is very expensive so I don't think its something I need right now. 
€127.00 Link

Lancome Visionaire
This was really nice too the lady at Lancome told me this one should be used at night and genifique in the morning, but again I don't think I need this right now.
€73.00 Link

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara
This was a really good mascara not the best I have used I much prefer the original hypnose mascara, I have another one of these as I bought a duo pack.
€26.00 Link

Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder No. 53
I love this powder so much its nice and silky, not drying at all but still mattifies the skin. I have repurchased this already.
€11.99 Link

I hope you enjoyed this empties post if  you have any requests for me please leave a comment below :)


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Quick note

Just quickened to say I will be back had a whole post done up just as I was ready to publisg it I lose half of it so will try get it up tomorrow I shall be back! 😊

Friday, 2 November 2012

TAG: Why do I wear make up?

1. When did you begin to love makeup?
I think i was about 13 or 14 when i started wearing bits of make up.  I remember always wearing max factor pan stick in fair and rimmel stay matte in ivory (i have dry skin clearly i didn't know what matte ment haha) I also loved my rimmel eye kohl in black i love my eyeliner, also rimmel extra super lash mascara i think it was called its still around actually I didn't care when i was younger as long as it was cheap and cheerful!

2. How do you feel without makeup?
I feel weird I look like a complete different person I have very uneven skin its clear enough i usually only get a few when i do get them and they usually big but I have quite red cheeks and a bright red nose its just very uneven but i love the confidence that make up give you :)

3. What do you love about makeup?
I love all the different thing you can do such as contouring i have quite a round face and since discovering how to contour which wasn't that long ago i feel so much better i love buying makeup and looking at it and trying out new things really!

4. Three Holy Grail Items
Lancome Teint Idole 24hr Foundation 01 - I love this stuff it gives you medium to full coverage it is the best matched foundation i have its just perfect it blends like a dream stays on all day it is pricey but it lasts ages i bought mine in feb and i only just repurchased it last week and i wear it most days!

Inglot Gel Eyeliner 77 (Black) - This stuff is unreal it is waterproof does not budge all day or smudge (i like my long lasting products!) its jet black and its not too expensive it is the best eyeliner i have ever tried and i don't think anything could be better cos it just has everything also have the duraline drops that stops it from drying out!

Benefit Sugarbomb - I love this blusher its like a pinky coraly shimmery colour it goes perfect on me i have blonde hair and it just really suits me its def the one i go for all the time its just so nice.

since these are all high end here a 3 drugstore buys i love (yes i know im cheating oh well  )
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair- What can I say we all love this stuff it is one of the best concealers!
Bourjois Healthy Mix 53 - This stays on all day for me colour is perfect when im tanned not too pinked toned for me alot of foundations can be.  Lovely glowing complexion it gives :)
L'oreal Infallable Eyeshadows - I have seen alot of mixed reviews on these the trick is to use your finger rather than a brush it goes on much better or press it on with a brush these are so pigmented I have Time Resist White and Hourglass Beige (think this one is discontinued).

I tag everyone and anyone to do it sorry i have been missing for a long time problems such as getting embarrassed from friends finding out bout my blog and my camera broke i will have none till Christmas i am getting one as present can't wait for it all i have for now is 2 megapixel camera on my phone with no flash i'll try my best :)

Friday, 27 April 2012

L'oreal Caresse Lipsticks

Hey everyone apologies for being gone for over a month, I just didn't feel like blogging for some reason I was getting highly obsessed with watching youtube vids and reading other blogs that I neglected my own!! I'm thinking of doing a post about some of my fave blogs and youtubers if anyone is interested let me know.  Anways onto my review on the new L'oreal Caresse Lipsticks!  Trying to do a new kinda layout for reviews so if you like this format let me now or anyway I can make it better :)

L'oreal Caresse Lipsticks


So L'oreal were very quite releasing these, Revlon Lip Butters came out round the same time and there was alot of hype around these before they were released.  Since I bought mine I have seen alot more about them and I have since bought 2 more so I have 3 in Total.  

01 Fashionista Pink 
03 Lovely Rose
301 Dating Coral


The packaging is like a clear capsule nice and sleek however when you first start using it the lipstick sticks slighly up so you have to be careful putting on the lid not to shove it into lipstick which I done a few times..

Left to Right:  301 Dating Coral, 03 Lovely Rose, 01 Fashionista Pink


Top to Bottom:  301 Dating Coral, 03 Lovely Rose, 01 Fashionista Pink

301 Dating Coral

03 Lovely Rose

01 Fashionista Pink    Sorry about the quality of this photo having focusing problems with my camera :( 


Lovely Formula nice and moisturising
Doesn't dry your lips
Glossy so no need for lip gloss however I do find a clear lipgloss makes this stay on longer
You do get a nice bit of product


Expenisive for drugstore brand I will explain more under Price
Seems to be a shortage of testers for some reason in both Boots and Superdrug dunno if this the shops fault or L'oreal


€12.19 in Boots at the moment on offer 2 for €21 on selected L'oreal 
€9.95 in Superdrug on offer buy 1 get 2nd half price on all L'oreal
These are expensive but cheaper in Superdrug and that is a pretty good offer I bought my first one faashionista pink in Boots last month when they had 3 for 2 offer on, then more recently I bought dating coral and lovely rose in Superdrug when I saw they were buy 1 get 2nd half price.


These are quite sheer but I do personally really like this about them as the do come in a nice selection of colours but definitely test them don't go by just looking at the lipstick.

Overall Verdict

I love these they suit my lips so well I have chapped lips and they dont highlight this at all i'm really obssessed at the moment with these my next one I want is impulsive fushia this looks really nice and I dont have anything like this but I will wait a while I think I have enough for now!!

I can't find these on the Superdug website yet.

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Friday, 23 March 2012

January/February Empties

Ive seen these alot lately and I love reading them so decided to some myself these are a few thing I have used up over January and February.

Matrix Biolage Full-Lift Volumising Shampoo
I love trying new shampoos I tend to go for volumising shampoos and this was the first time I tried this one,  its ok I did find my hair was quite greasy by the next day but if you like organic shampoos or paraben free shampoos if your into things like that then I would say give this a try I would like to try this Shampoo agian but for oily hair maybe.

Avon Naturals Shower Gel Sugarplum and Vanilla
This stuff smells UNREAL so so so nice it smells christmassy I did get this just befor christmas time.  Love it   I would defo buy this again these are quite cheap usually always on some sort of offer.

Lush So White Bath Ballistic
I bought this online before christmas this was limited edition just before christmas.  This smells really nice if you dont like strong smelling things this one isn't too bad its quite a light smell.  It smells of apples really nice.

Bomb Cosmetics Snow Man Bath Bomb got in pack of 3 for €10 in The Body Shop
This had a very light fragrance if you don't like strong smells such as the Lush bath bombs then this would be perfect i can;t really describe the smell but it is a clean smell if that makes sense also if anyone here is with the mobile phone company Meteor in Ireland you can get 20% off in The Body Shop all the time they have a print off voucher and smart phone scan thing on Meteor Goodies

Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner €3.00 bought part of 2 for €6.00 offer I don't know the price on its own
This was good nothing special the simple range is for all skin types but more so sensitive types I would probably buy this again as it does the job and is not expensive.  This is fragrance free as well so suitable for those who don'y like strong smelling products.
Buy from BootsSuperdrug etc..

Wella SP Repair Conditioner got this for free when I finished  a hairdressing course last year but it is €15.94 from Feel Unique Link Here
I did like this but I don't think its worth the price there are definitely cheaper good conditioners around that are like this I have used better conditioners that are in this price range so I would probably not purchase this.

Avon Senses Winter Delight Shower Gel I think I paid €1.50 for this they are always usually on some sort of offer
This smell like Christmas simple as it is so  nice I love the Avon Senses Shower Gels they are really good price and smell so so nice I've yet to find one that doesn't and I've tried nearly all of them! :)

Marks and Spencers Bath Bombs €4.00 for 3 I think
This one is orange smells like orange duh haha but it is really nice this came in a pack of 3 with a Lemon one and a Lime one.  This wrapped in pretty packaging with Oranges all over it I would buy this again but unfortunately I don't have a M&S near me so next time I'm near one I will defo be looking at more of their bath products.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner For Damaged Hair €1.50 aprox for sachet 20mls
Why have I not used this sooner this stuff is amazing if your hair is blonde and dry damaged you need to try this!!  I bought the sachet cos I think its a good idea just incase I didn't like it but I 'd say I got maybe 5 goes out of this i think.  The smell is so so nice I will defo be purchasing this in full size it just makes your hair so soft and just so lovely thumps up fot this one! :)

Benefit Moisture Prep Toner Sample size came in Skincare set €12
This is a really nice toner its a thick consistency and I find you need to use quite a bit so I would be worried bout using it up quite fast as it is quite expensive for the full size but I did really like this really soft and gentle on your skin lovely smell prob won't repurchase but this is only due to the price.

Penneys Home Lime Zest Candle €1.00
When I picked this up it smelt so good to smell nice and citrusy but when its lit I just can't smell it :(  This is such a shame as the packaging is nice and they do smell nice and have a good few choices this is my 3rd one i have tried and I have had the same problem everytime I saw recently they now come in a large size for €4.00 like the big Yankee Candle sized ones so I might try one of these see if there is any difference.  I have since bought one in Dunnes same size for €1.50 think it was orange and sandalwood and oh these are so so good smell unreal so if your looking for a nice cheap candle Dunnes is the way to go they also burn alot slower then the Penneys ones anyone else have this problem?

Avon Foot Works Foot Cream
I love love love this foot cream it smells so nice it actually really reminds of Lush Lil Lush Pud that was out at christmas time.  Its so moisturising on your feet I usually put this on when I go to bed I don;t know the price as i got this in a christmas gift set.

Candy Floss Shower Cream and Body Lotion
These came in a gift set from Boots I got for Christmas I loved these they really do smell of Candy Floss!! Unfortunately I have not seen this available to buy in full size but I do think these come out every christmas in a set in Boots but the packaging changes I think I will be looking out for these at christmas!

Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub got in a set but i think its around €10 im not too sure
This is my favourite Scrub it smells like Maple Syrup like you could eat it so so nice its a good decent scrub especially for trying to get tough tans off I will defo be repurchasing this in the future.

John Freida Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Intensive Mask aprox €1.50 
I love this it works a treat you can see a difference in your hair doesn't look as dry and damaged after using also I think you only had to leave this in for 3-5 mins something like that which is really quick for the results you get I will defo be purchasing this in full size i think its 3 for 2 across all hair and make up mix and match in boots at the moment so I think I will have to avail of this offer!

Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque Mini this came in  a set too I bought ages ago for acne
This is especially for acne I do not really suffer from acne anymore like I used to but recently I was breaking out a bit and I found this and started using this is really good for acne but I would not go near this if u have dry or sensitive skin as it is really really drying.

Do you like seeing these posts if you do let me know as I already have quite a few emptys from this month to post! :)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy St. Patricks Day

Just wanted to say a quick Happy St. Patricks Day to everyone!! Hope you all have a great day!! :D