Saturday, 17 December 2011

Lush Goodies!

I was in Dublin recently and was mad to go into a Lush store i've never been in one don't have any were i live there is only 5 Stores in Ireland 2 in Dublin, Cork, Belfast and Newry. Its such a lovely shop I was trying to be quick so I only bought 2 items.  However I did make a big order online a few days later which i will post about here soon received them today! Aren't the bags lovely? :)

Here is a Lil Lush Pud Bath Bomb smells so christmassy bubbles up nicely and leaves you smelling of xmas!! It only cost €2.45/£1.95 which is fairly average price for bath bombs!
You can buy this here:

I also bought Big Shampoo in my opinion best shampoo i have ever used my hair gets quite greasy i usually wash it ever second day but with this shampoo I can leave it an extra day when I'm not in the mood to wash it.  It leaves your hair literally squeaky clean i mean you can hear the squeak!  There's sea salt in it so it feels like your are putting a scrub in your hair but you get used to it you only need to use a small bit so it should last quite a while.  This costs £10.95 think it was around €14-15 but well worth it I will be buying this again for sure! I forgot to take a photo of this so I will get one up for you later.  Also I noticed on the tub it says bring back 5 clean empty tubs and get a free face mask!  The tubs can be anything from the Lush range as far as I know.  You can buy this here:  you can buy online from their website here or find your nearest store!


  1. The lush pud looks adorable, I need to try this! I do love lush <3 xx

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  3. Thank you just followed you there :)

  4. Ah i absolutely love Big shampoo, completely forgot about it. Need to go buy some more!
    Love the blog!

  5. ohh you gotta try Buffy body scrub!!It really scrubs and feels amazing on my usual dry skin:p