Thursday, 26 January 2012

Make Up Price Lists

Hello!! I don't know if you are like me and you like to know the price of stuff before you plan on buying stuff especially with the higher end brands such as Mac, Benefit, Lancome etc.  but sometimes I can never find the prices when I am looking at them and most of these brands do not have Irish websites so this is where I need your help!  I would like to create price lists for as much brands as i can higher end and drugstore brands so if any of you know the Irish prices/euro prices pleas leave a comment and I will add them to this list once I have  enough on them I will create a page with the prices.  I wanna start with the Irish prices I will try put up the sterling an dollar prices at a later stage I can get these from most of the brands websites. If I have left any brands out let me know! :-)

Higher End Brands                                                                             Drugstore Brands
Mac                                                                                                      Rimmel
Benefit                                                                                                  Maybelline
Lancome                                                                                               Max Factor
Clinique                                                                                                 Soap & Glory
Nars                                                                                                      Bourjois
Bare Minerals                                                                                        Collection 2000
Chanel                                                                                                   Barry M
Estee Lauder                                                                                          Natural Collection
Make Up Forever                                                                                  17
No. 7                                                                                                     Revlon
Urban Decay                                                                                          NYC
Bobbi Brown                                                                                         L'oreal
Clarins                                                                                                   2True
Elizabeth Arden                                                                                      Me Me Me
Laura Mercier                                                                                        Mua

If I have forgotton any let me know or if you think I have some brands in the wrong lists please let me know too.  I will try to create another page on my blog and put the price lists in there :)


  1. Hopefully people can help you out with this,
    I look forward to seeing what all the different prices are


  2. Hey, I've got the same problem here. I love Chanel cosmetics more than anything, I just can't stop buying them. They're really good, at least for me... I like to check out their website from time to time. The problem is their Asian site doesn't provide price list, only the US does. What a shame. It would be really helpful if they do.