Thursday, 5 January 2012

REVIEW: Some e.l.f products

So i'm sure alot of you know about e.l.f cosmetics i only discovered them a few months back but I love them!  Majority of e.l.f stuff i have is great however i have been dissapointed with a few things so I have 2 good for you and 2 bad, lets start with the good!

e.l.f Mineral Infused Face Primer €6.80 however I got this during a 50% promo offer so it was only €3.40!

I love love love this stuff this is the best primer I have ever use lovely base for foundation its slightly oily same texture as the Gosh Primer.  Packaging makes it look more expensive than what it is, however I have one problem I dunno if its the bottle I got or if it always happens the pump stopped working i dunno if this is because it is too short to reach the bottom or not but this happened me a couple of months ago and there is still loads left. I just have to scrape it out everytime anyone else had this problem?  Well its not gonna stop me using it even if it does happen again cos I love it so much!

8/10 it would be 10 only for the flaw with the pump

e.l.f Kabuki Face Brush €4.00 but I also got this for 50% off so it was only €2.00

Not a great pic sorry.  Love this brush I prefer the Kabuki brush to the powder brushs with a long handle I just find you have more control.  Great Little brush lovely and soft on your face have this a good few months now and its still perfect!


Now onto the not so great products

e.l.f Liquid Eyeliner €1.70 yes also 50% off  so 85c 

I really did not like this I prefer the brush type but this is a hard kinda brush dunno what you would call it I found it very hard to apply and you couldn't go back over it seem to take off what you just put on I just couldn't get a nice line with it now I will attempt this again in the future maybe with a different eyeliner brush but no I won't be buying this again.

2/10 only giving it 2 for the price

e.l.f Studio High Definition Powder €6.80 got it 50% off so €3.40

I've seen quite a few good reviews on this so maybe its just me i'm very picky when it comes to powder and I only use Loose Powder.  I did not like this because I found it took off my make up making it look patchy and made me look pale.  Just not for me.  Again I will try this again someday.  I will say one good thing about this is that I love the packaging this also feels and looks quite expensive when really its not.

3/10 cos I do like the packaging

So has anyone used any of these? Anyone like what I don't like or hate what I like?  I'll have more e.l.f reviews in the near future.  :)


  1. the same thing happened to my primer, it was so annoying because i love it too. but same, it hasnt stopped be using it, what i have done is get a tea spoon and use the other end, i scraped it all out and put it in a container. hope this helped:)

  2. Same thing has happened with my primer but I hear loads of people have the same problem it would be so great if they turned this into a pot primer so no more pumping is needed, or fishing it out of the bottom! :)

  3. @ Anonymous Thanks never thought of scraping it out into a container haha must do that

    @Jazzreallyloves Ya they really should put in a pot or tube anything other than what it is!