Friday, 2 March 2012

Carmine Box January 2012

Hello apologies for the lack of posts recently my internet was on the blink for bout 3 weeks its finally fixed now and I dunno I was never really in a blogging mood does this ever happen anyone else or is it just me?? Also my camera was annoying me its not focusing properly when I try to take pics have to take a pic bout 5 times before its right. :(  Anyways I signed up for the Carmine Beauty Box in January I saw a discount code and I got it for half price.  I'm a bit late posting this I received the box at the end of January, thats one thing I hate about beauty boxes I am subscribed to Carmine and Glossybox they are the only 2 I know if that delivery to Ireland but we don't get them until the end of the month, I think it would be better to get them at the start of the month e.g post March's box at the end of Feb so we get it early March and so we have the March box to enjoy for the Month of March because it is the March box anyone agree?? Beauty box companies take note!  Anyways here is my January box.

Westlab Himalayan Bath Salts 100g - 1kg £4.75
So these are a pack of bath salts I have used these, I'm not sure about them there wasn't really any smell and the bath salts didn't dissolve.  These are detoxifying salts apparently and they are ment to be an equivalent to a 3 day fast, hmm I dunno bout this.  Its not for me anyways but some people might like this especially if you like fragrance free things but i love my smelly bath stuff. :)   Also got a code for 30% off the Detox Kit but this expired today.

 Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturising and Brightening Cream Sample Size - Gift Set £20
I have bot used this yet I'm waiting till I finish up my current moisturiser which should be soon! This smells really nice it is like roses as it says not too overpowering just a nice rosy smell, the texture of this is quite light not too heavy.  This is meant to brighten and repair your complexion and also pump up the hydration for 24 hours.  I am really looking forward to using this.  As you can see I also received a voucher for £5 off if I spend over £25 on the House of Fraser website on Korres.
Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Old Gold Full Size 4g £10/€11/$15
I was really excited to see this as I have heard of Eyeko and always wanted to try something from them.  This is basically a fat chubby eye stick you could use this as a liner or a shadow I use this as a shadow as i find it too big to use as a liner.  This is really well pigmented I had taken a photo of the stick but it has dissapeared from my camera but I have a swatch at the side for you.  The top is it just drawn on and the bottom is it blended out.

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil 5ml (I think) 10ml £15 or 30ml £30
This is a 100% natural face oil on a roller ball stick that you use before putting on moisturiser in the day and night.  I have not used this yet it smells really nice it smells of something I have used before but I just don't know what it was.  I also got a 10% off code for a full size of this product but it expired today.

Eldora False Eyelashes B142 Natural Dense Lashes £4.25
I was really excited to see these because I have never worn fake lashes! I know I have 1 pair I haven't tried yet but these are more for going out as these are quite full and long i can't wait to use these!  These are handmade high quality lashes.  I also got a discount code for 50% off when i spend £15 or more but it expired yesterday.

So overall i did like this box 2 full size products the Eyeko Fat Stick and the Eldora lashes.  I have my February box which I will post up sometime this week.  The box is £10 per month plus £2.75 for postage so this works out aprox €15-16 a month depending on the exchange rate at the time you can cancel your subscription at any time.  Postage is pretty quick I got my Feb box on Monday but according to there site it wasn't meant to be shipped till Monday oh well i don't mind!  Here is my link to the Carmine site:

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  1. i realy want to try one of the boxes but there are so many i cant deside witch one to try i think i will ether try this one or the new one that has just come out called the cuppybox grate blog my the way.