Friday, 2 March 2012

Natural Collection Lipstick in Coral Shimmer

I have been trying out a lot of new lipsticks lately as I realised I don't have that many and the ones I do have are pretty similar so I really wanted to try Apple Blossom from Natural Collection but unfortunately none of the Boots near me seem to stock it so I had a look and decided to get Coral Shimmer.

  • Cheap this cost me €3.06 i think but I had enough Boots Advantage Points so it cost me nothing!  Boots also often do 3 for €7.50 (3 for £5 I think it is for UK readers correct me if I'm wrong) on Natural Collection 
  • Moisturising doesn't cling to to chaps in your lips as much as some lipsticks do.
  • Nice Packaging, its pretty basic but I like the white plain packaging.
  • This would be good for people who are a bit wary of wearing lipstick as it is quite sheer with a slight coral colour.

  • It broke the first day I had it, luckily from the bottom rather than halfway down so I was able to slot it back in but have to careful.
  • Hard to apply, its not shaped like most lipsticks the nib bit is right in the middle so I had to kinda press o=it on from the side which led to it getting broke.
  • This was really well pigmented when I swatched on my hand but it was more sheer when i applied to my lips but it is buildable.
  • This can only be bought from Boots as Natural Collection is a Boots brand, however I have seen some on Ebay but its much dearer.

I know it look like there is more cons than pros but I am growing to like this you do pretty much get what you pay for so can't really complain, I am going to get Rose Petal next this looks really nice in pics of seen of it on.  Anyone tried this lipstick before or any other shades?

Steph :)  X


  1. Awwww hate it when lipsticks break. However, the color is really pretty. Seattle Beauty and Fashion - Seattle Girlie Blog

  2. Hay sweetie

    I think your blog is lovely and I have nominated you for a versatile blogger award. check out my page to see what I have written.

    take care xx

  3. Looks a gorgeous shade:)

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  4. looks like a nice coral shade :) I've got couple of Natural Collction lipsticks, but they are not very lasting :( can't complain for the price really xx

  5. Have you tried Rose Petal? It's a beautiful peachy colour. Highly recommend :)

  6. Thanks for the review girl!

    I love the shade of it.I just found out your blog and I love it. Followed you.
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    <3 Una

  7. thank you for doing this review :) i love reading them

  8. I have rose mallow its my fave shade and wear it all the time its a lovely vibrant pink but not too bright,

    I brought sand castle today its a nude shade great for in the day

    I also have rose petal which is a nice color but dosent look great on me

    The coral shimmer looks lovely on you i will be getting that tomorow lol :)

  9. looks like a beautiful color!

  10. Great review, it is a really pretty colour and for the price i'd probably still give it go :) xx